Previous Committee Members

Below is a list of everyone on the current committee and committees of previous years

Committee 2024/25

President: Kat Fevyer

Vice President: Cicely Donnett

Treasurer, Tech Liaison: Emily Norman

Secretary: Charlotte Pearce

Publicity Officer, Tours Officer: Lily Akers

Webmaster: Morgan Allen

Social Secretary: Charlotte Klafkowska

Social Secretary: Megan Lawrie

Workshops Officer: Vivek Kanani

Workshops Officer: Alex Tsherit

Welfare Officer: Louis Cleave

Welfare Officer: Ben Mansell

Committee 2023/24

President: Olivia Grindon

Vice President: Zayn Khan

Treasurer: Emily Norman

Secretary: Jessica Laws-Robinson

Publicity Officer: Soraya Fahmy

Webmaster: Cicely Donnett

Social Secretary: Saskia Bindloss

Social Secretary: Kat Fevyer

Tours Officer: Lily Akers

Workshops Officer: Dominic Leach

Workshops Officer: Ben Mansell

Original Writing Officer: Pietro Andreotti

Welfare Officer: Jacan Chaplais

Welfare Officer, Tech Liaison: Tezni Williams

Committee 2022/23

President: Mika Woods

Vice President: Joshua Newby

Treasurer: Max Williams

Secretary: Charis Heaven

Publicity Officer, Tech Liaison: Charlotte Connelly

Webmaster: Cicely Donnett

Social Secretary: Olivia Grindon

Social Secretary: Fletcher Stafford

Tours Officer: Soraya Fahmy

Workshops Officer: Will Bartlett

Workshops Officer: Zayn Khan

Original Writing Officer: Cydney Waite Brown

Welfare Officer: Douglas James

Welfare Officer, Production Liaison: Cerys May

Committee 2021/22

President: Philip Hoare

Vice President: Eleanor Bogle

Treasurer: Sam Pegg

Secretary: Hannah Swadling

Publicity Officer: Charlotte Connelly

Webmaster: Rhiannon Morgan

Social Secretary: Annabel Hughes

Social Secretary: Mika Woods

Welfare Officer: Imogen King

Welfare Officer: Joshua Newby

Welfare Officer: Issy Steventon

Committee 2020/21

President: Rory Dick

Vice President: Owen Jackson

Treasurer, Original Writing Officer: Sam Pegg

Secretary: Hannah Swadling

Publicity Officer: Edward Patience

Webmaster: Philip Hoare

Social Secretary: Emily Dennis

Social Secretary: Jessica Laws-Robinson

Welfare Officer: Eleanor Bogle

Welfare Officer: Imogen King

Committee 2019/20

President: Flo Gault

Vice President: Isaac Reynolds

Treasurer, Tech Liaison: Owen Jackson

Secretary: Katherine Quinn

Publicity Officer: Edward Patience

Webmaster, Production Liaison: Will Shere

Social Secretary: Elliot Morris

Social Secretary: Tom Usher

Workshops Officer: Philip Hoare

Workshops Officer: Bram Stein

Original Writing Officer: Rory Dick

Welfare Officer: Eleanor Bogle

Welfare Officer: Kaustubh Sameer

Committee 2018/19

President: James Chambers

Vice President: Samena Brunning

Treasurer: Josh Morgan

Secretary: Georgina Carter

Publicity Officer: Mazzy Westwood

Webmaster, Tech Liaison: Will Shere

Social Secretary: Safi Bensissi

Social Secretary: Owen Jackson

Tours Officer, Production Liaison: Naomi Dixon

Workshops Officer: Flo Gault

Workshops Officer: Bram Stein

Original Writing Officer: Paige Williams

Welfare Officer: Raffaella Patmore

Welfare Officer: Isaac Reynolds

Committee 2017/18

President: Charlie Randall

Vice President: Samena Brunning

Treasurer: Rob Bradshaw

Secretary: Josh Harris

Publicity Officer, Production Liaison: Kimberly Pearson

Webmaster, Tech Liaison: James Chambers

Social Secretary: Alex Heyre

Social Secretary: Flora Whitmarsh

Tours Officer, Original Writing Officer: Josh Vaatstra

Workshops Officer: Naomi Dixon

Workshops Officer, Librarian: Rachel Harden

Welfare Officer: Alexandru Mazare

Welfare Officer: Octavia Woodward

Committee 2016/17

President: Emily Bradshaw

Vice President: Charlie Randall

Treasurer: Rob Bradshaw

Secretary, Librarian: Josh Vaatstra

Publicity Officer: Ilsa Jones

Webmaster, Tech Liaison: Will Shere

Social Secretary: Flora Whitmarsh

Tours Officer, Production Liaison: Phoebe Judd

Workshops Officer: Samena Brunning

Workshops Officer: Rachel Harden

Original Writing Officer, Welfare Officer: Felicia De Angeli

Welfare Officer: Kimberly Pearson

Committee 2015/16

President: Oliver Bray

Vice President, Original Writing Officer: Tara Gilmore

Treasurer: Kaustubh Sameer

Secretary, Librarian: Ellie Joyce

Publicity Officer: Will Hankey

Webmaster, Tech Liaison: Andy Sugden

Social Secretary: Ieuan Harrild

Social Secretary: Chris Walker

Tours Officer, Production Liaison: Ruthie Pinion

Workshops Officer: Alexandru Mazare

Workshops Officer: Will Shere

Welfare Officer: Kae Ohene-Yeboah

Welfare Officer: Alex Scotchbrook

Committee 2014/15

President: Sally White

Vice President: Joanna Mills

Treasurer: Oliver Bray

Secretary: Will Cook

Publicity Officer: Catriona Rawlins

Webmaster: Joe Buckingham

Social Secretary: John Erskine

Tours Officer: Mike Cottrell

Workshops Officer: Alex Scotchbrook

Workshops Officer: Anna Williams

Welfare Officer: Sarah Divall

Welfare Officer: Anita T

Committee 2013/14

President: Sam Dobson

Vice President: Mike Cottrell

Treasurer: Ian Wainwright

Secretary: Sally White

Publicity Officer: Leodora Darlington

Webmaster: Robin Johnson

Social Secretary: Caitlin Hobbs

Tours Officer: Chris Barlow

Workshops Officer: Joe Buckingham

Workshops Officer: Anita T

Welfare Officer: Will Kynaston

Welfare Officer: Aoife Thomas

Committee 2012/13

President: Alexandra Bray

Vice President: Sam Dobson

Treasurer: Rebecca Over

Secretary: Amy Fitzgibbon

Publicity Officer: Tom Searle

Webmaster: Joe Hart

Social Secretary: Aoife Thomas

Edinburgh Officer: Emma Real-Davies

Workshops Officer: Will Kynaston

Workshops Officer: Alisa Stewart

Welfare Officer: Alexander Curtis

Welfare Officer: Claire Gilbert

Committee 2011/12

President: Jonny Baynham

Vice President: Claire Gilbert

Treasurer: Sam Beath

Secretary: Lozz Gallagher

Publicity Officer: Lian Patston

Webmaster: Joe Hart

Social Secretary: Jade Thompson

Edinburgh Officer: Alexandra Bray

Workshops Officer: Sophie Grout

Workshops Officer: Lydia Longman

Welfare Officer: Robert Etheridge

Committee 2010/11

President: Fiona McDonnell

Vice President: Molly Ward

Treasurer: Sam Beath

Secretary: Hannah Griffiths

Publicity Officer: Jon Speed

Webmaster: Richard Copperwaite

Social Secretary: Lucy Hughes

Workshops Officer: Robert Etheridge

Workshops Officer: Claire Woolger

Welfare Officer: Jonny Baynham

Welfare Officer: Jon Stapley

Committee 2009/10

President: Alexis Forss

Vice President: Jilna Shukla

Treasurer: Sam Beath

Secretary: Eliya Beachy

Publicity Officer: Ritu Arya

Webmaster: Richard Copperwaite

Social Secretary: Tom Jordan

Edinburgh Officer: Irene Babille

StageSoc Liaison: Rosie Hill

Freshers' Rep: Hannah Howell-Day

Workshops Officer: Toby Bakare

Workshops Officer: Sophie Moniram

Welfare Officer: Chris Clarke

Welfare Officer: Kat Ould

Committee 2008/09

President: Alex Watts

Vice President: Marina Waters

Secretary: Kat Ould

Publicity Officer: Marcus Goodwille

Webmaster: Alice Cooper

Social Secretary: Sophie Paterson

Edinburgh Officer: Joe Leigh

StageSoc Liaison: Anthony March

Freshers' Rep: Emma L'pierre

Workshops Officer: Alexis Forss

Welfare Officer: Pete Benwell

Welfare Officer: Helen Reid