The Theatre Group calendar should be a record of all our events - shows, pitches, socials, special workshops, everything beyond the weekly committee meetings and workshops. It is kept up to date by the committee members but if you think it is out of date or incorrect then you can get in touch with the Webmaster.

Add this calendar

This calendar is hosted by Google and supports the iCalendar format. That is a very technical way of saying that you can add our events to your own calendar. The important link to do this is the following iCalendar URL.

How you use this link depends on your calendar program. What follows is a brief set of instructions for Google Calendar.

  1. Copy the above iCalendar URL.
  2. Tap settings in Google Calendar, probably a cog icon.
  3. Go to the "Add calendar", "From URL" option.
  4. Paste the URL you copied earlier into the "URL of calendar" field, leave "Make the calendar publicly accessible and tap "Add calendar".
  5. Enjoy your organised knowledge of TG events.