Will Hankey

Will Hankey

past Member

Will has been involved in 15 shows with Theatre Group and is an ex-member of Theatre Group committee.

Popped out for milk.

Committee Roles

Publicity Officer - 2015/16

Acting Credits

Cast, Love and Information (2017)

Spirit, The Tempest (2016)

Fran├žois, Strawberries in January (2015)

Shadow Puck, Show In A Week 2015 (2015)

Abram, Romeo and Juliet (2015) (2015)

Clyde, The Knight Who Smells of Sunflowers (2014)

Production Credits

Director, The Real Thing, The Real Thing / 100 (2017)

Producer, Waiting for Godot (2016)

Assistant Producer, Numbers (2016)

Director, Educating Rita (2016)

Director, Much Ado About Nothing (2015)

Assistant Producer, Medea (2015)

Assistant Producer, Party (2015)

Show Liaison, Showcase 2015 (2015)

Original Writing Credits

Writer, Psychiatry for Dummies (2016)