Ellie Joyce

Ellie Joyce

current Member

Ellie has been involved in 13 shows with Theatre Group and is an ex-member of Theatre Group committee.

I am mocked.

Committee Roles

Secretary, Librarian - 2015/16

Acting Credits

Gertrude, Hamlet (2018)

Susan (Boggle), Showcase 2016 (2016)

Inspector, Spring Awakening (2016)

Syme, 1984 (2015)

Margaret, The Knight Who Smells of Sunflowers (2014)

Production Credits

Assistant Producer, Macbeth (2018)

Producer, Nell Gwynn (2018)

Assistant Producer, Showcase 2018 (2018)

Co-Producer, Show in a Week 2018 (2018)

Director, Much Ado About Nothing (2015)

Producer, Medea (2015)

Assistant Producer, Strawberries in January (2015)

Director/Producer, Show In A Week 2015: A Midsummer Night's Dream (2015)