Alexis Forss

past Member

Alexis has been involved in 20 shows with Theatre Group and has been in two years' Theatre Group committees.

Committee Roles

President - 2009/10

Workshops Officer - 2008/09

Acting Credits

Ambitioso, Vindice (2012)

Michal, The Pillowman (2010)

An acting role in Showcase 2010! In association with the Nuffield Writers group (2010)

An acting role in Showcase 2009 (2009)

Wedding Guest, Blood Wedding (2009)

Marmion, Comic Potential (2008)

Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Twelfth Night (2008)

Production Credits

Producer, Macbeth (2012)

Co-Writer, Ruthlessness (2012)

Director, Lear (2012)

Writer, Mephistopheles (2011)

Writer, The Spectacular Tales of Grinburrell (2011)

Writer: A Scene of Ruthlessness and Chicanery, Showcase 2011 (2011)

Writer: The Great Fire of Edinburgh, Halloween on Surge Radio (2010)

Writer/Director, Swann & Co. Present: The Sad, Miserable Tale of Albert Belacqua and his Family of Doomed Neurotics (2010)

Producer, Metamorphoses (2010)

Writer/Director, Showcase 2010! In association with the Nuffield Writers group (2010)

Director, A Midsummer Night's Dream (2009) (2009)

Author, Whitechapel (2009)

Producer, Showcase 2009 (2009)

Director, The Cut (2008)

Producer / Author: Dead Things, The Showcase 2008 (2008)

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