Richard Copperwaite

Richard Copperwaite

past Member

Richard has been involved in nine shows with Theatre Group and has been in two years' Theatre Group committees.

I've always endeavoured to break stereotypes and generalisations, so joining Theatre Group in the midst of a Computer Science degree seemed a backwardly logical choice. I've loved theatre for as long as I can remember, and TG has provided me with some of my most thrilling opportunities and experiences, as well as good friends and great laughs!

Committee Roles

Webmaster - 2010/11

Webmaster - 2009/10

Acting Credits

The Great Fire of Edinburgh, Halloween on Surge Radio (2010)

Katurian, The Pillowman (2010)

Dr. Alexander Tallis, Whitechapel (2009)

Mustrum Ridcully, Lords and Ladies (2009)

An acting role in Showcase 2009 (2009)

Moon, Blood Wedding (2009)

Vizier, Arabian Nights (2008)

Production Credits

Committee Liaison, Alice (2011)

Producer/Coordinator, HERE (2011)

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