Original Writing

Theatre Group encourages its members to write their own plays and has an Original Writing Officer to help them do that. This is a list of all of the pieces of original writing Theatre Group has put on since records began. You can learn more about Original Writing here.

Previous Original Writing


One Missing Piece

by Katy Halliwell

Baby Can't You See

by Kat Fevyer

Bare My Heart, Give Me All

by Isobel Robertson

Crying Out

by Lily Akers


by Richard Orebela


by Anna Wildgust

Good Grief

by Charlotte Klafkowska

I'm Fine

by Kat Fevyer

Knock Knock. Who's There? Divorce, Ha-Ha

by Alex Tsherit

Letter From A Dead Man

by Alex Hewitt

My Best Friend Satan

by Alex Hewitt


by Olivia Grindon

Tea and Cake

by Robin Mooney

Tomorrow Will Be Easier

by Mac Benson Turnbull


by Eden Jack



by Kat Fevyer

Forever Ended

by Emily Dugdale

Howe and Watt, Wright?

by Pietro Andreotti

Park Bench

by James Warner


by Jinyi Liu

Satisfied Worker

by Douglas James, Ben Mansell


by Oliver Hickling

The Fall

by Luca Blahut

The Oddfather

by Ben Mansell

They Won't Last Much Longer

by Olivia Grindon

Working On It

by Emily Baldock



by Eleanor Bogle

Child Free School

by Max Williams


by Eleanor Bogle

Things We Don't Need To Say

by Eleanor Bogle

Things We Won't Say

by Eleanor Bogle

Who Did It To Peter?

by Issy Steventon

You Don't Need Me

by Will Fieldhouse


The Canterville Ghost

by Philip Hoare

Blindly Dating Episode 1

by Eleanor Bogle

Blindly Dating Episode 2

by Rory Dick, Philip Hoare

Blindly Dating Episode 3

by Eleanor Bogle

Blindly Dating Episode 4

by Imy Brighty-Potts, Harriet Harding

Blindly Dating Episode 5

by Katherine Quinn

Blindly Dating Episode 6

by Charlie Hughes

Blindly Dating Episode 7

by Edward Patience

Blindly Dating Episode 8

by Edward Patience, Millie Pike

Blindly Dating Episode 9

by Eleanor Bogle, Imy Brighty-Potts, Edward Patience


The Zed Word

by Josh Harris

Good Boy

by Safi Bensissi

Off the Rails

by Edward Patience

The Closed Café

by Eleanor Bogle

The Runaround

by James Hurford

The Seer

by Kaustubh Sameer

Ungodly Gods

by Philip Hoare


The Time Machine

by Kaustubh Sameer

All Work and No Play

by James Chambers

Deery Me

by Anand Sankar

Faking It

by Alexandru Mazare


by Ellen O'Mahony


by Emma Frazzitta

Scorgari's Tales of Horror: For One Night Only!

by Josh Vaatstra

Take It From the Top

by Alex Heyre

The Death and Trial of Jonathan Drake

by Rob Bradshaw


The Red Mist

by Olly Williams

Like Dolphins Can Swim

by Felicia De Angeli

Finding Goddard

by Alex Heyre

Hard Chorus

by Marcus Taylor


by Daniel Ashkaran

Mischief and Merlin

by Josh Vaatstra

Our First Date

by Emily Bradshaw

Party Animals

by Rob Bradshaw


by James Chambers

The Eye of the Storm

by Josh Harris

When the Dog Bites

by Olivia Krauze


by Kaustubh Sameer


After A.I.

by Josh Vaatstra


by Jess Hector

No Sleep

by Kaustubh Sameer

Psychiatry for Dummies

by Will Hankey


by Felicia De Angeli

Spring Awakening

by Emily Bradshaw, Danny McNamee


Assassins Have More Fun

by Sam Dobson

Cast Crossed Lovers

by George Bearpark

Immortality Club

by Sophie Owers


by Felicia De Angeli


by Sarah Divall

Ten Minutes

by Rob McGough

We Looked Up

by Alexander Curtis