Showcase 2019

Showcase 2019


Kamila Atta

Child A (Good Boy)

Safi Bensissi

Client 1 & 3 (The Runaround) ,
B (The Closed Café)

Cameron Broughton

Jimmy (The Runaround)

Joe Chamberlain

D (The Closed Café)

Susie Clark

Client 2 & 4 (The Runaround)

Naomi Dixon

Psychologists (Good Boy) ,
E & G (The Closed Café)

Emma Frazzitta

Child B (Good Boy)

Harriet Harding

Amelia (The Runaround) ,
A (The Closed Café)

James Jackson

F & H (The Closed Café)

Owen Jackson

Andy (Off the Rails) ,
James Phipps (Ungodly Gods)

Scott Johnston

Davey (The Seer)

Sarah Le Besque

Anne ,
Maid (Ungodly Gods)

Ciaran Madeley

Edward ,
Donald Trump (Ungodly Gods) ,
Nick (The Runaround)

Jorge Mateos

Aaron (The Seer)

Elliot Morris

Constantine (Ungodly Gods)

Giulia Mubeen

Jen (Off the Rails)

Katherine Quinn

James (Ungodly Gods) ,
C (The Closed Café)

Kaustubh Sameer

Thomas (Ungodly Gods)

Rae Soyode

Parent (Good Boy)

Mark Strong

Sam (Off the Rails)

Mazzy Westwood

Cassie (The Seer)

Production Team

Eleanor Bogle

Director (The Seer)

Will Fieldhouse

Director (The Closed Café)

Flo Gault


Philip Hoare

Director (Ungodly Gods)

James Hurford

Director (The Runabout)

Edward Patience

Director (Off the Rails)

Isaac Reynolds

Director (Good Boy)

Maciek Shasha

Director (The Closed Café)

Will Shere

Show Liaison

Olivia Simpson

Director (The Seer)

Bram Stein



Safi Bensissi

Writer (Good Boy)

Eleanor Bogle

Writer (The Closed Café)

Philip Hoare

Writer (Ungodly Gods)

James Hurford

Writer (The Runaround)

Edward Patience

Writer (Off the Rails)

Kaustubh Sameer

Writer (The Seer)