Will Fieldhouse

Will Fieldhouse

past Member

Will has been involved in eight shows with Theatre Group.

Acting Credits

Mr Crinkleforth (Who Did It To Peter?), Mr Dudman (Child Free School), Showcase 2022 (2022)

Simon de Canterville, The Canterville Ghost (2021)

Mr Dumby, Lady Windermere's Fan (2021)

Joseph (Episode 4), Blindly Dating (2021)

Cast, Show in a Week 2019 (2019)

Production Credits

Producer, And Then There Were None (2022)

Director (The Closed Café), Showcase 2019 (2019)

Original Writing Credits

Writer, You Don't Need Me (2022)

TG Awards

Best Production Team, 2021/2022

Best Supporting Actor, 2020/2021

Best Director of a Short Play, 2018/2019

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