Emma Frazzitta

Emma Frazzitta

current Member

Emma has been involved in 11 shows with Theatre Group.

Acting Credits

Lady Macduff, Macbeth (2018)

Ruth, Blithe Spirit (2018)

Ms Fawcett, Jerusalem (2018)

Mrs Vane/Duchess of Monmouth, The Picture of Dorian Gray (2017)

Woman Spectator, Nothing (2017)

Debbie, The Real Thing, The Real Thing / 100 (2017)

Production Credits

Director, Nell Gwynn (2018)

Director (In-tea-pendent), Showcase 2018 (2018)

Director, Show in a Week 2018 (2018)

Assistant Producer, Nothing (2017)

Shadowing Director, Show in a Week 2017 (2017)

Original Writing Credits

Writer, Language (2018)

Exploits In Our Sister Societies

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