The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov, in translation by Michael Frayn

"An idea for a short story. A girl like you, living beside a lake since she was a child... she's happy and free as a seagull. But one day by chance a man comes along and sees her. And quite idly he destroys her."


Production Team

Alexandra Bray


Chris Clarke

Assistant Director

Muthu Krishna

Assistant Producer

Mustafa Pathan


Lian Patston

Committee Liaison


Matt Leech

Technical Director

Joe Davey

Lighting Designer

Oliver Trojak

Sound Designer

Stephen McDonald

Stage Manager

Dikki Harwood

General Crew

Hannah Grovenor

Lighting Operator

David Hounsome

Lighting Operator

James C

Sound Operator

Laura Dauzat

Sound Operator

Ben McDonagh

Assistant Stage Manager

Declan Ashworth

General Crew

David Aggus

General Crew