Peter 'Peewee' Ward

Peter 'Peewee' Ward

past Member

Peter 'Peewee' has been involved in nine shows with Theatre Group.

Showstopper masquerading as a real actor. I think I've been in a few too many TG shows now to still have that as my epithet but I can't think of something witty and concise to go in it's place...

Acting Credits

Ensemble, 1984 (2015)

Jeremy, Posh (2014)

Constable, Henry V (2014)

Frank Strang, Equus (2013)

Brian McLeish, Hanging Bruce-Howard (2013)

Porter/Sergeant/Doctor/Third Murderer, Macbeth (2012)

Foreman, Soldier B, Soldier F, Soldier N, Old Sailor, Lear (2012)

Dorn, The Seagull (2011)

Mute Bumpkin, The Love of Three Oranges (2010)

Exploits In Our Sister Societies

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