Dom Latarche

Dom Latarche

past Member

Dom has been involved in eight shows with Theatre Group.

A former history student at Southampton, Dom was an active member in the PA societies between 2011-2014, producing and performing three other shows with LOPSOC. Anyone reading this who isn't involved with TG, my advice is GET INVOLVED! Before I came to Southampton, I had never directed or produced a show before, and I left TG having done so much. You'll work harder than ever, make great friends and gain skills that will stay with you forever! I enjoyed it so much I set up my own theatre group in Cornwall... But that's another story. I have so many highlights from my time with TG. From working on my Russian accent in the freshers play to seeing my production of Catch 22 getting nominated for show of the year at the Curtain Calls, and ending my time by winning "Dared To Be Different For Theatre" from the PA societies for directing TG's first independent show. If anyone in TG is thinking of pitching a show, my advice would be go for it! Watching a show go from an idea to the end product is one of the best feelings in the world. A little hard work and a reliable team can go a long way. And now some quotes: -Life is chasing around inside of me like squirrel! -Like us, join us. Be our pal. SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT US! -HADFORTH BAND! BE VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU ARE MARCHING! -"Paddy, there's a large dent in this tea earn" Special shout out to Ians, Emma, Alice, Jon, Paddy and Shemming. Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Acting Credits

The Last Laugh, Showcase 2014 (2014)

Don Armado, Shakespeare in a Week 2 - Love's Labours Lost (2013)

A Casual Flirtationship, Showcase 2013 (2013)

Thunderbird, Showcase 2012 (2012)

Kolenkhov, You Can't Take It With You (2011)

Production Credits

Head Director / Director - A Talk In The Park, Confusions (2013)

Director, Catch 22 (2013)

Assistant Producer, Macbeth (2012)