Animal Farm

"This is a blistering version of Ian Woolridge's adaptation of Orwell's fable, brought to life by an energetic company"

The Daily Echo

"SUSU Theatre Group puts on an impressive and successful satire"

The Tab

"a group of outstanding newcomers who look set to energise the society in the years to come"

The Edge

Animal Farm

by George Orwell, adapted by Ian Wooldridge


Production Team

Samena Brunning

Show Liaison

Rachel Harden

Show Liaison

Ilsa Jones

Assistant Director ,
Assistant Producer

Charlie Randall

Assistant Director

Anand Sankar

Assistant Producer

Robbie Smith


Josh Vaatstra


Paige Williams



Joseph Lynch

Technical Director

George Tucker

Technical Director

Hannah Parsons

Sound Operator,
Lighting Operator

Georgie Grieve

General Crew

Edmund King

General Crew