When We Are Married

"A performance packed to the brim with unending vigour, vivacity and passion; these characters will keep you hooked endlessly with their infectious charisma!"

The Edge

When We Are Married

by J. B. Priestley


Pietro Andreotti

Councillor Albert Parker

Liam Andrews

Henry Ormonroyd

Saskia Bindloss

Annie Parker

Kat Fevyer

Mrs Northrop

Katy Halliwell

Clara Soppitt

Isaac Hutchful

Fred Dyson

Aya Khoury

Nancy Holmes

Dominic Leach

Alderman Joseph Helliwell

Ben Mansell

Herbert Soppitt

Emily Norman

Lottie Grady

Isobel Robertson

Maria Helliwell

Michael Scanlon

Gerald Forbes

Charlie Shaw

Reverend Clement Mercer

Tezni Williams

Ruby Birtle

Production Team

Cicely Donnett


Soraya Fahmy


Sophie Gardner

Assistant Producer

Daisy Gazzard

Assistant Director

Olivia Grindon


Charis Heaven


Douglas James

Assistant Producer

Cerys May

Show Liaison

Nathaniel O'Shea


Mika Woods

Supervising Director

Marija Zikeviciute

Assistant Producer


Sophia Rehman

Technical Director

Zhao Chuen Leong

Lighting Designer

Alice Christian-Edwards

Lighting Mentor

Silas P V Champagne

General Crew

cerys m

General Crew

Patrick Jenkins

General Crew

Gigi Ng

Sound Designer

Matthew Kohler

General Crew

Matthew O'Boyle

General Crew

Harry Snell

Sound Mentor

Gray Wood

General Crew

J Ainsworth

Stage Mentor

Luke McCarthy

Camera Operator

Steph Wong

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