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Flora Gault

24 March 2020
Join us as we have a conversation with your TG President, Flora Gault.

In conversation with… The President.

FG: Flora Gault.

EP: Ed Patience.

The scene is set in a busy coffee shop on a drizzly Wednesday afternoon. The door opens and everyone falls silent. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the president.

EP: Flora Gault, Hello. How are you?

FG: Good thank you. Busy, busy, busy, but very good.

EP: Unless I am very much mistaken, you are the president yes?

FG: Yes. Somehow someone let this happen!

EP: What’s your favourite part about being president.

FG: Being in charge. (she laughs unconvincingly) No I joke, it’s working with an awesome committee and being famous around campus. It’s weird being introduced as president, you know being in charge of your society. Oh, I have to be careful not to swear in this don’t I?

EP: Don’t worry, this blog is well censored. When did you join TG?

FG: I joined in 2017.

EP: So, was your first show the Freshers Show?

FG: No! I didn’t get in. I was in an independent show called Red Mist, hardly anyone came to see it but that’s where I met a lot of my mates and what made me stick around in TG. I’m so glad I did.

EP: So, at that point, fresh from your starring role in Red Mist, did you know someday you would end up as president?

FG: Absolutely not! The PA award winning Charlie Randall was president in my first year, but I never really thought about it. I knew I wanted to join the committee though, to have more of a say in how the society was run.

EP: How did you get involved with committee then?

FG: Well I wasn’t in many shows in my first year, so I started going to the workshops every Monday. I met Rachel and Naomi who ran workshops at the time and just started chatting to them. I ended up getting to know so many people through TG as everyone has the same interests and are just so lovely. Eventually I met Bram and we discussed running together, and…

EP: And the rest is history! So, this must be your second year on committee?

FG: Yeah. The two roles are very different, there’s a lot of responsibility being workshops officer, but president is a step up. But I loved them both, I’m very lucky to have been a part of two wonderful committees over my time here.

EP: Do you have a message for anyone wanting to run for committee?

FG: Be committed! Committee is a lot of fun, but don’t just do it because you think it’s cool. If you commit, everything is a lot easier. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that people may not know about, but it’s such an amazing experience and you can have a real say in what goes on with the society.

EP: When you became president, you must have had some big aims?

FG: Yeah, it’s always so exciting to be able to improve the society and make your own mark. I really wanted to improve the relationships between producers and directors, so they have more of a creative input into a show. I have had a few bad experiences with producing and thought there was an opportunity for some positive change. I also wanted to make production liaisons more of a thing to help shows run more smoothly.

I haven’t achieved everything I wanted to, but it’s always going to be hard when you don’t know what is going to be thrown your way. When you are managing a committee of 12 and a society of however many, there’s a lot to handle. But I know producers have felt a lot more involved this year, and our production liaisons have been keeping things running smoothly. TG has had a very prolific year and the shows we’ve produced have been of such a high quality and that makes me very proud. I have had fun as president, it’s been an amazing year and I have no regrets running. I like knowing all the secrets! Have you enjoyed me being president?

EP: I’m remaining impartial! But for what it’s worth, it has been a wonderful year. Are you going to miss TG?

FG: YES! Even though I complain a lot, I’m going to miss it so much. They’re my family, and as much as its been stressful, I wouldn’t have got through uni without it.

EP: So, What’s next for you?

FG: I’m moving back home to complete my teaching qualification to become a primary teacher. I really want to find an amature dramatics society because I don’t think I’m ready to leave the stage behind just yet. TG is the type of thing that sticks with you!

EP: Well, Flora, it’s been a pleasure, no an honour.

FG: Aw thank you! You too! This was fun.

She saunters away leaving me, two empty cups and the whiff of excellency behind. Ladies and gentlemen, the president has left the building.

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