The Time Machine

by H.G. Wells

An inventor, the Time Traveller, dedicates his life to creating a Time Machine in an attempt to return to the moment of his greatest loss to rectify his mistakes. Astoundingly, his genius results in the creation of the first time machine, however, Time cannot be so easily meddled with.

About the Show

The Time Traveller dedicates his life to creating a Time Machine in an attempt to alter the moment of his greatest loss.Transported to a future abandoned to creatures of beauty and terror, he discovers Time cannot be so easily meddled with.

An original adaptation of the classic novel by Kaustubh Sameer; this show takes the fundamentals of H.G. Wells’ genre-defining story and merges them with the grieving of human tragedy in a dynamic performance. Using physical theatre, puppetry, and immersive storytelling, Gone Rogue breathes new life into this adventure of love, loss, and discovery.

13th - 18th August 1:00pm
19th - 25th August 8:40pm
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@ Venue 45

Gone Rogue

Gone Rogue operates as a non-profit organisation that aims to give students the opportunity to showcase their skills on a larger scale, such as at the Fringe Festival.

  • Previous acclaim for Gone Rogue
  • A Number
    a powerful and poignant performance
  • Beard of Zeus
    they manage to distinguish themselves on sheer talent
  • Tape
    instantly engaging ... solid performance from the whole cast


To be able to truly bring the creative vision of our team to life we need all the support we can get. We would be incredibly grateful for any contribution towards our effort and for each contribution, no matter the size, we have marked out several rewards. Each donation will help develop the show, whether it goes towards costume, props or the time machine itself. Please support us on GoFundMe.