Kai and Ruby, caught up by the war, are captured and awake to find themselves in a detention camp. Separated from one another by an ominous fence, they struggle to hold on to each other in the face of the unbridled cruelty of the guard and the other prisoners who are strange, deranged and distorted by their imprisonment. But neither the camp nor its detainees are what they expect and each step towards understanding seems to leave them more lost than ever. The two of them find very different experiences with the people on their side of the fence, but are helpless to do anything for the other as they both begin down a horrific path.


The state broadcasts.


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Murder in Broad Daylight

Governor Shaw, a high ranking official has been killed

Death Toll Rising

How the Mediterranean turned red

Trust No One

Vigilance, our safety in your hands

A Brand New Start

Safety for your children within easy reach

Hearts of Terror

The captured and tortured: stories from the camps


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The Cast

Meet the cast of Breaking.

Olivia Krauze


James Chambers


Ellen Fleming


Josh Harris


Samuel Rowley


Emma Paull


Alex Crooks

The Guard

Janina Vabø


The Production Team

Meet the production team of Breaking.

Kaustubh Sameer

Writer & Producer

Ian Bessant


William Shere

Director & Producer

Georgina Carter

Assistant Producer

Jake Dearlove

Assistant Producer

Ilsa Jones

Master of the Film