Theatre Group Awards 2018

If you believe we have left anyone out or something is amiss then please get in touch with the Webmaster. You can vote twice if you wish to vote in categories you did not vote the first time or if you wish to change your vote but your votes will only ever be counted once. This form will close on Sunday 3rd Jun at 11:59pm.

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Main Questions

In this section of the form you can vote for specific roles and shows.

Show of the Year

The best show that Theatre Group has put on this year

Best Director

The individual who gave the single best direction in a show including assistant directors

Best Producer

The individual who did the single best production in a show including assistant producers

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Director of a Short Play

Best Actor/Actress in a Short Play

Best Original Piece

Best Set

The show that stunned you with its set and use of its location

Best Tech

The show you feel used lighting, sound and other technical features best

Vote for Longlist

In this section of the form you can vote for anything. Once enough votes have been placed a shortlist will be created and you will have another opportunity to vote.

Best Bit Part

The best minor role, walk-on part or cameo

Best Onstage Moment

Best Offstage Moment

Best Onstage Partnership

Romantic or otherwise...

Best Offstage Partnership

Ditto likewise

Best Newcomer

The best newcomer to TG this year

Services to TG

Someone who's made an outstanding contribution in their time. Must be graduating this year!