Past Awards

Below is a list of the winners and runners up in Theatre Group's internal awards. Unfortunately the records only go back a few years at this point.

Awards 2015/2016

Best Original Piece

Winner: Treehouse

Runner Up: After A.I.

Best Onstage Moment

Winner: Go Mother Go! (The Game's Afoot)

Runner Up: Chris Walker's Improvisation (Spring Awakening)

Best Offstage Moment

Winner: "I just want chicken and chips" (Francesca Scannella)

Runner Up: Crab Lewis

Runner Up: Ellie Joyce falling off the table in Much Ado About Nothing rehearsals

Runner Up: The recording and repetitive playing of "Jesus fucking christ"

Awards 2014/2015

Best Original Piece

Winner: We Looked Up

Best Onstage Moment

Winner: Mike Cottrell stacking it

Best Offstage Moment

Winner: Romeo and Juliet's Uptown Funk

Winner: The Bumstead Song

Best Set

Winner: Posh

Awards 2013/2014

Best Original Piece

Winner: Twitchers

Runner Up: Assisted Suicide

Best Onstage Moment

Winner: Sam Dobson for orgasming on a horse

Runner Up: Joanna Mills for vomiting in The God of Carnage

Runner Up: Paddy Haste for destroying the Confusions set

Best Offstage Moment

Winner: Will & Alex for #peegate

Runner Up: Robin Johnson for the final Committee web update

Best Set

Winner: The God of Carnage

Runner Up: Toby Bakare

Runner Up: Kat Ould