A Unique Devised Experience

Something happened in this room.
Something terrible.
Something so terrible that it resonates in the room and reoccurs again and again.

And soon you will have a chance to enter the room, meet its inhabitants and see for yourself.
Question everything, take nothing on face value, and expect the unexpected!
Will you discover What Happened HERE?

  • Date: 5th February 2011
  • Times: 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm
  • Location: SUSU Main Building
    (meet in the foyer)
  • Email to reserve tickets:
  • Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before the show, or you may lose your reservation.
Cast List
  • Toby Austin
  • Sarah Colah
  • Lucy Hughes
  • Lydia Longman
  • Phill Moxley
  • Tom Richardson
  • Claire Woolger
Production Team
  • Rob McGough
  • Richard Copperwaite
  • Ryo Tabusa